Liminal Vaults 02 AUG 2021 Release Notes
Version v0.2

That's the upgrade for this release.

Our developers and product managers are calling it a completely upgraded version of performing refill transactions, but we know you will only remember it for saving you time. Lots and lots of it.

Schedule Transactions feature is here. In terms of evolution, your refill transactions just went from crawling on all fours to walking straight.

As for the time you have spent reading this release note, you will get it back once you upgrade. You're welcome


Schedule Transactions
You can now set a schedule for your routine transactions like wallet refills and sign all transactions in one go. Our system will automagically execute these transactions based on the triggers and the time period defined in the schedule. So no more spending hours monitoring the wallet balances. Read this guide to know more about this exciting feature. Our developers have worked very hard on this feature. We hope you like it!


UI/UX changes
As they say, "A great product is never fully built". It is our constant endeavor to improve the user experience of our platform. In this release, we have made some exciting updates to the User Interface that should significantly enhance your User Experience.


Bug Fixes
Minor bug fixes to ensure that Liminal Vaults is always performing at its best. Keep the feedback coming. You can reach out to us at [email protected]

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