At Liminal we are committed to build the most secured self-custody platform for everyone. We are elated to share that we are now smart contract covered with Nexus Mutual!

What is covered?
The $10 million policy secures risk and potential bugs in smart contract code. Below are the products covered under the Insurance:


  • contract bugs

  • economic attacks, including oracle failures

  • governance attacks

Supported chains:

  • Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, xDAI, Avalanche, Optimism


  • You must provide proof of the incurred loss at claim time.

  • You should wait 72 hours after the event, so assessors have all details to make a decision.

  • You can claim up to 35 days after the cover period expires, given your cover was active when the incident happened.

This cover is not a contract of insurance. Cover is provided on a discretionary basis with Nexus Mutual members having the final say on which claims are paid. Check out full details here.



Team Liminal

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